Make your events fun and sustainable

Youngsters, adults and elderly people living in Antwerp always have the possibility to organize events in this bustling city. Organizing an event mostly seems like a lot of fun but unfortunately, it also requires a lot of logistics and the buying and purchasing of materials. The key question here is whether this is being done … Continue reading Make your events fun and sustainable


Plastics have a second life with Ecover

Read about our visit to the deposit money store. A pop-up store in the Groendaelstraat 14 (Antwerp), from the 15th to the 17th of November 2018. The occasion for this pop-up was to sensitize people in the way they use and deposit plastic bottles. People could hand in their empty PET bottles in exchange for … Continue reading Plastics have a second life with Ecover

Say YES to sustainable transportation!

Getting around quickly and without a lot of effort is not always easy. Adding sustainable to it may make it seem impossible for some people in their stressful and hectic life. That’s why we want to introduce you the app Whim. During the night, a few weeks ago we were walking on the Meir where … Continue reading Say YES to sustainable transportation!

Antwerp, city of (sustainable?) fashion

Winter is coming! We all know what this means: cold weather, not knowing what to wear and foremost holidays such as Christmas and New Year (Eve) which equals stunning new outfits and dress to impress. Luckily, every clothing brand reveals a new collection every season, so every need of us as a customer can be … Continue reading Antwerp, city of (sustainable?) fashion

Sustainability starts with YOU!

Sustainability is becoming the buzzword of this decade, and most probably of this century. As with all buzzwords, the true meaning of them is often disregarded. While some people may relate this topic to plant eaters and barefoot-walking greenies, or others to greenwashing companies, the phrase slowly turns into a mainstream word losing its real … Continue reading Sustainability starts with YOU!