ROBUUST, The Zero Waste Shop

This week, we went to take a look in a very special store, named Robuust!. Inside, we were greeted by a very friendly employee who took the time to explain us the concept and origin of the store. The idea for this store originates from the owner, who took a trip to Vietnam about 6 … Continue reading ROBUUST, The Zero Waste Shop


Plastics have a second life with Ecover

Read about our visit to the deposit money store. A pop-up store in the Groendaelstraat 14 (Antwerp), from the 15th to the 17th of November 2018. The occasion for this pop-up was to sensitize people in the way they use and deposit plastic bottles. People could hand in their empty PET bottles in exchange for … Continue reading Plastics have a second life with Ecover

Sustainable Christmas Gifts

It's that time of the year again; almost Christmas time! Are you still looking for original Christmas gift ideas? What do you think about SUSTAINABLE gifts this year?! Drinking Bottle A first idea can be a sustainable drinking bottle. It helps drinking more water throughout the day and prevents from purchasing plastic water bottles for … Continue reading Sustainable Christmas Gifts

Antwerp, city of (sustainable?) fashion

Winter is coming! We all know what this means: cold weather, not knowing what to wear and foremost holidays such as Christmas and New Year (Eve) which equals stunning new outfits and dress to impress. Luckily, every clothing brand reveals a new collection every season, so every need of us as a customer can be … Continue reading Antwerp, city of (sustainable?) fashion