‘t Groen Kwartier: from military hospital to sustainable house units

We can't barely believe it, but within two months all the students of Antwerp Management School will graduate. After a year of increasing our knowledge and skills, as well as becoming friends with fellow students (and maybe even professors) whom we can almost call family and with whom we made unforgettable memories, time has come … Continue reading ‘t Groen Kwartier: from military hospital to sustainable house units


Make your events fun and sustainable

Youngsters, adults and elderly people living in Antwerp always have the possibility to organize events in this bustling city. Organizing an event mostly seems like a lot of fun but unfortunately, it also requires a lot of logistics and the buying and purchasing of materials. The key question here is whether this is being done … Continue reading Make your events fun and sustainable

Park Spoor Noord: a sustainable environment

Spring is in the air! Time to go for a picnic, run or sunday stroll in Park Spoor Noord. A quiet and cool urban landscape park in the North of Antwerp that has become one of the most popular places in Antwerp. In 2005 the construction of Park Spoor Noord started on a former railway yard. … Continue reading Park Spoor Noord: a sustainable environment

Sustainability In The Air

Are you already dreaming about your next flight to that magical travel destination? Unfortunately, we will have to temper your enthusiasm. Air travel is in fact one of the most non-eco-friendly activities you can undertake. Globally, the aviation industry is responsible for about 2% of carbon dioxide emissions. This percent is rising quickly as more … Continue reading Sustainability In The Air

Save money, save the planet, buy used!

Who doesn’t love buying new clothes? Especially nowadays with the fashion industry entering more and more our personal lives through advertisements on social media and influencers. The only fear most people have is to fall behind the trend. But many forget about the impact the fashion industry has on our environment. It might even be … Continue reading Save money, save the planet, buy used!

Corporate Responsibility

On the 9th of January we, students of Antwerp Management School, had the opportunity to learn more about corporate sustainability during the so-called 'AMS SDG Exchange Day'. During this day students had to make a choice between different presentations of several companies. For example the  Port of Antwerp, BASF, Samsung and Johnson & Johnson. We had … Continue reading Corporate Responsibility