Corporate Responsibility

On the 9th of January we, students of Antwerp Management School, had the opportunity to learn more about corporate sustainability during the so-called 'AMS SDG Exchange Day'. During this day students had to make a choice between different presentations of several companies. For example the  Port of Antwerp, BASF, Samsung and Johnson & Johnson. We had … Continue reading Corporate Responsibility


Towards a sustainable port

The Port of Antwerp has been an important engine of the Belgium economy since the Middle Ages. In those days traders in small boats were bringing products to the different warehouses in Antwerp, now the world's biggest container vessels ensure we are able to enjoy products everyday. The Port of Antwerp has developed into the … Continue reading Towards a sustainable port

How create a more sustainable Christmas market?

As many of you know, every year a Christmas market is being organized in Antwerp, like in many other cities and countries. Like many of you, we also went to visit the market to see what it is all about. We noticed that especially the Jenever market was loved by many of our fellow students. … Continue reading How create a more sustainable Christmas market?

How much do you know about the new building in de Boogkeers?

Most of our friends from Antwerp Management School are now back home with their families celebrating Christmas and New Year. But after all we slowly start to miss Antwerp and that place where we spent the last four months together studying and having fun. For all of you not from Antwerp Management School (AMS), it’s … Continue reading How much do you know about the new building in de Boogkeers?

Nature’s Balance – Imperial Heritage Caviar

For more than 7 years, sustainability is the key ingredient of Imperial Heritage Caviar. The family owns the Caviar House in the province of Antwerp and has recently received the Friend of The Sea Award for their continuous search for sustainable aquaculture farming. In today’s article we will take a look at the different ways … Continue reading Nature’s Balance – Imperial Heritage Caviar

Plastics have a second life with Ecover

Read about our visit to the deposit money store. A pop-up store in the Groendaelstraat 14 (Antwerp), from the 15th to the 17th of November 2018. The occasion for this pop-up was to sensitize people in the way they use and deposit plastic bottles. People could hand in their empty PET bottles in exchange for … Continue reading Plastics have a second life with Ecover