How much do you know about the new building in de Boogkeers?

Most of our friends from Antwerp Management School are now back home with their families celebrating Christmas and New Year. But after all we slowly start to miss Antwerp and that place where we spent the last four months together studying and having fun. For all of you not from Antwerp Management School (AMS), it’s the building in de Boogkeers which you might have noticed was completely rebuilt over the past years and now hosts about 250 full-time master students from all around the world.


While most of us only enjoy the cleanliness of an entirely new building, there is so much work and strategy behind it. Last week, Geert Vyncke, the project lead for the building relocation of AMS to de Boogkeers, explained to us the journey and the main features of the new building.

Everything started with the destruction of the previous building in de Boogkeers which used to be office space. During that process all remaining inventory and materials were carefully separated and collected for reuse in other settings.

When it comes to the new building, the entire concept and design is based on four principles: light, air, living, and learning. If you have already been to the new building you might have noticed some of these principles. Just think about walking into AMS and being welcomed by the openness of the foyer and the view through the large windows into the patio full of trees and plants.

So what are the main features Geert Vyncke revealed to us?


Both, the furniture and the light system (LED lights) are leased from external companies. AMS does that to be more flexible and to benefit from expertise of the providers. Currently, our furniture is very special in its design and focuses on enhancing the learning and teamwork experience. For example, if we notice that other types of tables might be better, we can easily exchange them. We believe that this is valuable for a business school which needs to be agile and able adapt to changing needs.

While we take the running water in the sinks for granted, there is an entire infrastructure behind it. In this blog, we won’t talk about all of that, but we can tell you that the time the water is running in the sinks has been adjusted and optimised a few times in the past. Further, AMS can collect up to 18000L rain water and energy through solar panels to be almost self-sufficient in the supply of utilities.

Let’s talk about the most heated discussion among us students: coffee machines. There have been some complaints about the sustainability and quality of our coffee, yet we all enjoy that the university provides it for free. However, we can ensure you that this topic has been carefully examined. The main selection criteria of the coffee machines was based on its ability of serving 200 hot drinks within ten minutes. And let’s be honest, that is what we students really need! Furthermore, all the paper cups collected through the designated area in the garbage can will be returned to the supplier and later recycled to paper towels. Therefore, please make sure that you follow the instructions and place your used and empty cups in the correct garbage can.

While we have spent a lot of time in the outside patio this summer, it hasn’t been finished at that time. Just wait until spring to see the beautiful flowers and fruit trees which have been planted this autumn. This little garden area should help us relax and create a little ecosystem for bees and birds. Doesn’t it sound like paradise?

In the end, Geert Vyncke emphasized that all of this is just the beginning and he is continuously working on improving the building. If you have anything to remark or ideas to improve write us an email and we will forward it!

Thank you Geert Vyncke for your time and the student government for organizing this event!

By Antonia Brinker ( 



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