Sustainable Christmas Gifts

It’s that time of the year again; almost Christmas time! Are you still looking for original Christmas gift ideas? What do you think about SUSTAINABLE gifts this year?!

Drinking Bottle

A first idea can be a sustainable drinking bottle. It helps drinking more water throughout the day and prevents from purchasing plastic water bottles for single use. The drinking bottles of Dopper are made of sustainable materials, produced by companies that are concerned with our earth tuber. Also, the Chilly’s Bottles are very trending and they made a special winter edition.


Cotton Tote Bag

Plastic shopping bags are absolutely out of the question, so a few sturdy cotton ones are a must! On you can find thousands of cotton tote bags. They usually last a long time, despite their low price. Furthermore, you can use them to pack fruit and vegetables, in order to skip the plastic bags in the fruit and vegetable department of the supermarket.


Green Toys

And what about the kids? Often kids’ toys are just lumps of plastic, so why not make sure they can be recycled? Mister Tody is a Belgian brand that wants to help reduce plastic pollution by making magic toys from cardboard that is easily recyclable and incredibly fun to play with. Check it out!


iPhone Case

The production, use and lack of recycling of smartphones cannot really be called sustainable. That’s why an eco-friendly iPhone case would be a great present to compensate for all the damage our beloved phones bring to our planet. Pelacase is a Canadian brand which makes non-toxic, cadmium free, lead free and phthalate free smartphone cases. Moreover, these cases are 100% recyclable and offer a solid protection for your smartphone, which makes the breaking of your screen nearly impossible. Go to their website and get yourself a case that gives back (and which is sent and packaged completely plastic free!).

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Reusable Foodwrap

Say goodbye to throw-away wrappers or clumsy lunch boxes and enjoy your sandwiches and leftovers on-the-go thanks to the environmentally friendly sandwich wrap of Boc’n Roll Eco. It has an easy fastener that makes it adaptable to different food shapes and sizes (sandwich, fruit..). It is convenient, compact, machine washable and also serves as an individual placemat. Give your friend a present he or she can reuse and reenjoy!


By Anouk Verniers and Rin Verstraeten (


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