Tips and tricks to contribute to a sustainable environment

It’s now 4 weeks ago that we started our blog and we hope you enjoyed it so far. In our first post we talked about how sustainability starts with you. Not with the supermarket around the corner, the bakery next door or the coffee shop we pass every day on our way to work, no it starts with ourselves and nobody else.

Today we will provide you with some tips and tricks that can be easily adopted to contribute to a sustainable environment.

  • During grocery shopping:
    • Bring your own bags and if you forgot them don’t buy plastic bags but fabric bags (nowadays every supermarket offers them)
    • For vegetables and fruit don’t take the plastic bags but use reusable bags, you can buy them in every Delhaize store
    • Try to buy as less food as possible which is wrapped in plastic
    • Stop buying bottles water but buy glas bottles or use a soda stream or even better learn to love Antwerps (or on which city you might live) great tap water


  • At home:
    • Put an extra layer of clothing instead of turning on the heating
    • Don’t use cling film but Tupperware for example
    • Use reusable straws instead of plastic straws
    • Use cold water when wash your hands and stop water while using the soap (bild von der einen seife)
    • Stop water while brushing your teeth
    • Use cold water when washing your clothes
    • Use cloths towels
    • Go paperless => switch to digital news and advertisement, receive and pay your bills electronically
    • Separate waste system!! => separate at least paper, plastic and organic waste
    • Recycle your electronics when you don’t use them anymore and stop storing them in a that one box we probably all have where we collect digital devices since 2004
    • Recycle/donate clothes


  • On the way
    • Bring a refill cup when getting your coffee to go. Some stores even give you a discount for that
    • Go by bike
    • Use shared mobility => bike, car, scooter or carpooling; read our third blogpost for more information on that
    • Buy second-hand clothes
    • Support fashion brands that are ethical and environmentally conscious => read our second blog post if you are interested in more information!


By Anabel Herzsprung and Antonia Brinker ( 


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